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Help protect your patients against Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TBE) so they can make the most of the outdoors



Protective clothing measures


Inspecting for ticks

There is no specific treatment for TBE: vaccination offers the most effective protection where there is chance of exposure because TBE can be transmitted even in minutes from ticks bite.


Other measures to limit the transmission of TBE include:

  • Personal protective measures, including wearing protective clothing and long trouser tucked into socks to diminish tick access to the skin
  • Application of tick repellents
  • Avoiding consumption of unpasteurised milk and dairy products
  • Avoiding contact with vegetation, especially in deciduous and mixed forests with decaying vegetation on the ground that provides sufficient humidity for the development and survival of ticks
  • Inspecting for the presence of ticks, and removal of the attached ticks as soon as possible. TBE is transmitted even in minutes from ticks bite but this may help to prevent other infections like Lyme disease
    • Ticks should be removed by pulling them straight out with tweezers or a specially designed tick removal tool; if you do not have the appropriate tools at hand, fingers may be used
  • Environmental measures to reduce the tick population (e.g. grass cutting, use of acaricides, deer population control)


Vaccination offers the most effective protection against TBE infection
 Vaccination can be started any time of the year.