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TBE Scientific Session from 14th International Symposium on Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases

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  • There is no specific treatment for TBE. Discuss the risks with your patients and advise them on vaccination and protection against ticks. Our website, TBE vaccin, features many ways to prevent exposure to tick bites for patients.  Visit Site


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Rabies can occur in all mammals. But which animals are causing rabies in humans? Dr Bernard Hoet, VP of Medical Affairs for Bavarian Nordic, discusses the prevalence of bat rabies cases in the US, and what to do if you encounter an animal behaving abnormally or aggressively.

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Rabies is almost always fatal when left untreated. Infection may only take a scratch from an infected domestic or wild mammal. Advise your patients who frequent caves, or who may travel to high risk areas to consider pre-exposure rabies vaccines. Our patient site, Minska Risken, has information on rabies risks and protection. Visit Site